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Help on registering and and uploading your property.

Telephone UK 0871 711 5403

1 –  Register

2 –  Log in

3 –  Posting your properties

4 –  Edit/delete an existing property

5 –  Updating your company details

6 –  What happens after 12 months?

7 –  I am getting an "Error Page" when I register, add or update

8Contact us

10 -Tips for "Beginers"

1 – Register - Setting up your registration

Setting up an account with us could not be easier. Simply click on the "register" button at the top right hand side of the search page. This will open up an agent's registration form.

Take care to fill this form out correctly, especially when entering your telephone number & email contact details. This is how clients will make contact with you so it must be correct in order to receive response on your properties. Once the form is completed click "submit".

You will now be prompted to choose from a list of options. 

Cost For Listing Advertisement / Package Prices

  • Prices are in Euros (€) per year

  • Free Advert, 12 months, 1 property 0.00€

  • Silver Advert, 12 months, 1 property €25.00 (approximately £17 UK Pounds)(enhanced search listings*)

  • Gold, 12 months, 1 property €50.00 (approximately £35 UK Pounds),(enhanced search listings*)

  • Estate Agents Collaboration

  • *Enhanced search listings mean, your property is viewed first in the search rankings, all gold listings appear before any Silver or Free Adverts.

  • Easy payment via Paypal with your credit or debit cards.

  • IVA @ 16% (VAT) will be added to the price.

These represent the different scales of advertising available. Choose the package most applicable to you & click "submit". This will take you to the checkout where you must pay for your selection. 

We use PayPal as a method of payment. PayPal accept all major cards including Visa & MasterCard. If you are already a PayPal member click "Log In" to action your payment. Otherwise you will need to fill out the form to register your details & click "continue" to action payment.

It's that simple. You can now start posting your properties! 

You will also receive an email from us confirming your user name & password, please keep this safe. Thank you for using our service.

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2 – Log in - Logging into your Account

Logging into your account is simple. Simply click on the "Log In" button at the top right hand side of the search page. This will open up a screen prompting you for your Username & password.

Enter your details & you will have access to your own section enabling you to view, add & administer your own properties. Scroll down and click "Manage / Add Listings" (it's at the top and at the bottom in the blue bar).

To add another listing, at the top click where it says "click here to post a new property".

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3 – Posting your properties - Posting a new offer

  • Category - Choose the area, Costa most applicable. If you want a new category added, please email your suggestion.

  • Address - Usually the name of the development or community.

  • City/Town - The nearest main town. For most effective advertising and search results, use a town on the sub-categories that appear on the category page. If you want a new city/town added, please email your suggestion.

  • Costas/Area - Again the most appropriate area, that is "Costa Blanca" or similar.

  • Country - This MUST be Turkey.

  • Short Description - This is the text that appears in the search results, so choose carefully. For best results, include the approximate cost in UK pounds. Please do not put on any reference numbers, it will automatically be given an ID number, this ensures that you know where the lead came from.

  • Detailed description - The full description of the property. The more the better, you do not want millions of emails asking daft questions! Don't forget to include the details in your short description as well. Please do not put on any reference numbers, it will automatically be given an ID number, this ensures that you know where the lead came from.

  • Price - Just the "from price" if there is a number of possibilities, the other prices can be added in your detailed description.

  • Neighbourhood - A description of the area.

  • Property type - Choose the most appropriate type.

  • Bedrooms - Number of Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms - Number of Bathrooms

  • Garage - If available, plus number of car spaces.

  • Images - Click the "browse" option and locate the photographs on your computer. The first photograph must be 100 pixels wide(27mm wide), this is just for the search page, a larger version of this can be added as one of the next photos. Make the other photos about 150 pixels wide maximum (40mm wide), to ensure quick downloading. You can add up to 10 images. Please avoid long complicated names and spaces for the photos.

  • Coastal - Is it within a reasonable distance of the coast?

  • Country - Choose this if it is inland.

  • Golf - Is it near a golf course?

  • Private Pool - Has it got a private pool?

  • Click "Submit", It is as easy as that!

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4 – Edit/delete an existing property

To edit a listing, click on the actual listing, scroll down and click "edit" or "delete"

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5 – Updating your company details

To add or update your company details click "profile"

  • Password - new password

  • Confirm Password - retype password and make a noteof it!

  • First Name - First part of company name

  • Last Name - Second part of company name or PLC or something similar.

  • Logo - Here you can add your logo, if you wish, this will appear on all your listings.

  • Resume - A brief description of your company.

  • Resume images - Any photographs you would likt to include on your resume, eg. photograph of you or your office.

  • Phone - Your contact telephone number.

  • Cellular - Your mobile telephone number.

  • Pager - Your pager.

  • Email - Your contact email address, please double check this!

  • Receive updates - Tick this option to receive relevant updates.

  • Newsletter format - choose which format you wish to receive ournewsletter, if in doubt click plain text.

  • Please note we do NOT "spam" you or pass on your details, email addresses to anyone else.

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6 – What happens after 12 months?

  • You will receive an email 1 month before your end date reminding you to renew your subscription.

  • A further email will be sent just before your subscription elapses. 

  • At termination all your properties/details will (automatically) be deleted.

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7 – I am getting an "Error Page" when I register, add or update

  • This a browser / microsoft problem, easily solved by;

  • click "Tools" then "internet Options" (at the top of your internet explorer window)

  • click "advanced tag"

  • scroll down to where it says "show friendly http error messages"

  • untick (make sure this option is not ticked)

  • click "apply"

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8 - Contact us

If you still have a problem or need support, either email or telephone us and we will be glad to help.

For prices for other Advertising within Turkey Property Sales please contact us for more information: or telephone UK 0871 711 5403.

10 - Tips for "Beginers"

This might all look rather daunting at first, but don't worry, it is very easy if you do it one stage at a time. The easiest way to start is to type out all your details onto your computer first, using something like word, wordpad or notepad. Once it is all ready, then login, click "manage / add listings", then click "click here to post a new property", you are ready to go! Simply "copy and paste" the details into the relevant places. If you are slow, your server might time you out, so at each stage click "submit" at the bottom of the page. This will save the details already entered, you can always click on the property details again and change or add details anytime in the next 12 months. Once all the text is added and saved, then go back and add your photos, just make sure you know where they are stored on your computer first. Remember a good photo is worth a thousand words, an advert with a nice photo of your property with a bright blue sky will get more people having a look, than with a grey cloudy background.

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Advertise Property Turkey - Advertise Real Estate Turkey - Help. Advertise your property in all areas of Turkey for sales or rental. Best prices easy to add, no downloads or special skill needed.

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